Codelighters Privacy Policy

Your information and what we do with it.
Privacy Policy

Codelighters is a fast growing extension from CodeStackers where Programmers can share resources of specified categories with one another. At Codelighters, our users have elevated access to carry out the following actions.

  • Our users own the priviledge to share Articles around edifying topics and happenings in the I.T world.
  • Our users own the priviledge to share tutorial videos from either youtube or vimeo. However, we only approve of videos that centers around technology. Any video outside of this scope shall be removed immediately.
  • Our users own the priviledge to share templates which could ease other programmers in building applications that offer solutions to various problems.
  • At codelighters, our category spans majorly across PHP and JS. However, due to the vast multitude of programming languages available, Our users own the right to create any article under the TECH NUGGETS category which could cover happenings in the I.T world, frameworks for other languages and even libraries.
Users Information

Here at Codelighters, we handle whatever information we retrieve from you with care by storing them securely in our database. These informtions also helps so other programmers would find it easier to choose one with a valid or know identity as their mentor so as to follow up on their articles and tutorial videos.

  • At codelighters, we ask for your email address to verify and confirm your identity. Making sure that only verified users are authorized to use our application.
  • At Codelighters, we don't reveal your Email address to other users of our application but we tend to reveal your name and the information associated with your profile and biography to other users who might want to get to know the personality behind each Article or Video Tutorial better.
  • At Codelighters, whatever information you reveal to us is not shown to any other party. Your information is limited only to our application. However, if a case arise which would result in revealing your identity, we would have no choice but to divulge.
Codelighters Protocols.

Here at Codelighters, we have some rules laid down as to what resoucres to share and what not to share.

  • Our users own the priviledge to share Resoucres centered around technology alone. Any other resource outside of this scope would result in the article being deleted.
  • At Codelighters, we shun the promotion of pornographic content disguised either as Articles or Videos. Any action of such would result in the Resource being deleted and the user responsible would also be placed on a permanent ban from the application.
  • At Codelighters, we shun racist comments, contents disguised either as Article or Videos. Any Article or remark promoting racism on our application would be remove immediately and the user will be placed on probation.
  • At Codelighters, we trust our users long enough to make sure that whatever Resource they would be sharing on our platform belongs to them. If a report comes in with valid proof that the share Resource does not belong to the user who shared the Resource on our application, The Resource in question shall be removed immediately.
  • At Codelighters, we like to ensure that whatever Resource you are sharing on our application is a topic that edifies other users of the application. As such, no form of Advert promotion from any of users would be accepted. Any form of product promotion shall be removed immediately and the user shall be placed on probation.
  • At Codelighters, you do not have any rights allowing you to replicate whatever Resource another user has created on the application. You however own the right to create a Resource with the same title but different content.
Security And What You Should Know

Stated above are the policy and rule of thumb guiding Codelighters. There are however still some information that Codelighters would never ask from you.

  • CodeLighters would never ask you about your financial institution information. Please ensure to keep all informations regarding your financial institution private. Codelighters and any of it's agent would never ask you for any of it. If any users asks about your financial institution, Please ensure to report such users by reaching support.
  • Please be aware of users who claims that they have a Job for you. Codelighters is not a freelancing platform and we do not promote any form of freelancing. Please ensure to report such users as It is also a popular scamming method.
  • CodeLighters would never ask you for a private message, Please be aware of that.
  • Should you find any user going against any of the rules laid down, please, ensure to report such immediately.
Codelighters Terms And Conditions

Codelighters is not responsible for the following actions.

  • At codelighters, You take full responsibility for any uploaded templates. This means if you upload a pirated template, you would be held responsible for that.
  • At codelighters, violation of our rules would earn you a temporary ban, Please, ensure you follow the rules and Protocols stated above.