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The most recent articles from our favourite scripting language by Rasmus Lerdof. Read the latest hacks and techniques to help you improve your ease and proficiency of writing php.

My name is Ilori Stephen Adejuwon and I am a fullstack software developer in West Arica, Lagos Nigeria. In this article I will be talking about what to expect in PHP 8 which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Before we start talk......

Creating A Simple Signup And Login System Using PHP And PDO

My name is Ilori Stephen, and I am a fullstack software developer in West Africa, Lagos Nigeria. In this article, I would be showing you how to Create a simple signup and login system using PHP......


The most recent hacks and techniques from our favourite isomorphic frontend language by Brendan Eich. Get the best tips and tricks to help improve your skills and proficiency with Javascript.

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As programmers, we never stop learning. It's almost like we are learning nomads. Here are the most recent tutorial videos to help you learn from the best developers we know. Learn new tricks and hacks to do your job better.

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As programmers, we never believe we have our own ecosystem. And it's so large and endless that we could go on forever. Here are the most recent technical hacks from other programming languages, tips from other developers to help you do your job better and the latest happenings in our technical world.

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